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Hello, there. I’m Jacques Saffell and I’m the Founder and Director of English Now! in Tsukuba City.

Would you like to really understand and make yourself understood in English!?

Communicating in English can be frustrating. And many waste years studying English the same old ways that just don’t work. English Now! is here to guide you to become an effective English communicator –– whether it’s for work, study, travel, or just for fun.

We’re not an app; we’re not a 24-hour overseas call-room; we are people and we’re here for you. All of our teachers are native speakers, and are experienced, dedicated professionals. The moment you step through our front door, you will feel something different — that you’ve entered another world: the English-speaking world.

We focus from the beginning on listening and speaking, including correct pronunciation and intonation. This way we create a strong foundation for you to build real understanding and power of expression.

There’s only one English Now! We’re not a chain. We’re not a franchise. We are your neighborhood school and we pride ourselves on being a caring member of the Tsukuba community.

We pay attention to who you are. We listen to you and — even in our small group classes — we give you personalized instruction specific to your needs, so that you can really grow, and develop English fluency. Whether you are a beginner or very advanced, we will take you to that next level and far beyond — building your confidence in your English skill naturally, so that you can accomplish much more than you ever felt possible.

Don’t wait. Please contact us now. We’ll show you how.

I look forward to meeting you at English Now!

Thank you.
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Welcome to ENGLISH NOW! …for learning Real English!

At English Now! we address the problem confronting so many Japanese students of English: how to actually speak English that can be understood by native speakers, and how to understand native speakers' English. It remains a sad fact that even after many years of traditional English education both in and out of school, the majority of Japanese are unable to effectively communicate with native speakers in English. Due to the traditional approach to language learning in Japan – which has focused on reading, writing, and speaking English with kana pronunciation – most students have never developed the ability to actually hear real English and to reproduce its sounds.

In English Now!'s classes for adults, we attempt to rebuild English language skills based on sound, that is, listening and speaking. More than other so-called "English Conversation Schools," from the beginning we take direct aim at the sound of real English: its pronunciation, intonation and rhythm. Our classes are small enough (max. 6) that each student gets the personal attention he or she needs to see real progress. All classes work extensively with listening materials featuring authentic, natural English. With more basic classes this will be in the form of quality textbooks prepared for non-native speakers of English who plan to study and/or work in the United States. More advanced classes work with a variety of multimedia featuring "raw" English from television, radio, internet, podcasts, etc.

Class time is also devoted to developing interactive speaking skills for conversation and presentation. Guided discussion serves to both encourage self-expression in English and to develop the give-and-take skills necessary for effective communication. It also provides an opportunity to learn more about foreign cultures, the knowledge of which is often prerequisite for truly meaningful interaction with native speakers.

English Now!'s children's classes are aimed at getting each child's English experience off on the right foot. As with our adults' classes the focus is on the pronunciation, intonation, and rhythm of natural English. No katakana English is spoken here. However, the atmosphere is light and playful. Especially with younger children's classes, study is active, physical, and very vocal – not simply sitting at desks. In fact, we have no desks; just some tables and chairs for when we occasionally need to sit down. We wish for the children to relax and feel comfortable with English as it is really spoken – and to enjoy experiencing a foreign culture. Of course, classes are small enough that each child gets plenty of personal attention.

English Now! is not a juku and never will be. Don't bring your kids here so that they may pass their high school entrance exams. That is not the way we study.

So give us a call and try a class out for free. We think you'll find that you'll not only enjoy your study here, but with time and effort you'll see yourself steadily improve so that you will be able to truly communicate in real English with native speakers, be it for work or pleasure.

ENGLISH NOW!では、多くの日本人が直面する問題ーどうしたらネイティブスピーカーに通じる英語を話せるのか、そして彼らの英語を聞き取れるようになるのかーに真っ正面から取り組んでいます。学校内外で何年も、昔ながらの方法を通して英語を勉強しているにも関わらず、残念ながら、大多数の日本人はネイティブスピーカーと英語で効果的なコミュニケーションを取ることができていません。日本の伝統的な英語教育は、読み書きとカタカナ発音でのスピーキング練習が中心となっています。これが仇となり、多くの生徒はリアルな英語を聞き取り、それを発音することができずにいるのです。